Integrated Pest Management

We decided to name our company "High Tech" because we have designed our service programs around protecting people, pets and the environment. Old technology, as an example says the "entire" area should be treated with products . . . this would include applying products over the entire lawn when the problem is localized to one area. Our service system involves local treatments, baiting techniques, monitoring pest populations, properly identifying the pests and taking the appropriate action to manage them successfully. Our systems are designed to hold down the damaging pest populations so the damage they cause to plants, trees, lawns, and the environment are kept to a minimum. Our service plan allows for not over applying environmentally damaging pesticides. In homes and structures, our goal is to minimize indoor and outdoor pests in the safest feasible process. When possible, only organic pesticides such as soaps and oils are used to control pests in our effort to maintain beneficial insects. Not wanting to "stand still," we continue working and educating ourselves in all areas of pest control and horticulture.

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